Joint of personal information

  • The purpose of Joint use We will jointly use the personal information for the purposes of the following business to interoperate
    ・ Be amie provision services
    ・ Sending of information about the be amie services and related services
    ・ Use of billing and related business of paid services
    ・ Response to the Inquiry
    ・ Use in accordance with the registration information ad delivery
    ・ Reference at the time of new registration of information related to withdrawal due to violations
    ・ Content planning, the use of statistical data to be referenced in the service development, etc.
  • Range of information to interoperate Range of items acquired personal information of the information to be shared use is likely to interoperate all, but you will use in the performance on the required minimum of business set forth in 1).
  • Range of companies to interoperate
    We shared use in each company as stipulated in the following.

    Co., Ltd. Oscar promotion
    Ltd. Colorkrew
  • Responsible for the joint use
    As shared use responsible for the following will be as follows.

    Co., Ltd. Oscar promotion
    Ltd. Colorkrew
  • How to obtain shared use personal information Personal information, we will as those acquired through, such as Web and e-mail. It will take the appropriate safety measures during the transfer of personal information.